About Us

About us

The 4C Company provides interim management and consulting services through senior business and technology personnel.

We achieve improved business efficiency for our clients, applying our expertise to ensure effective use of people, processes and technical solutions.

We work with clients in a flexible and professional manner to fully understand their business requirements and provide the most effective solutions. Our interim managers and consultants are industry experts who will enhance the client’s commercial, negotiating and technical expertise. This enables clients to achieve immediate efficiency gains, cost reductions and long term improvements in service quality.

Our history

Our commitment is to add long-term value, sharing our expertise and wealth of experience to strengthen our client’s existing management capacity.

We have worked very successfully with many high profile organisations across different sectors, including Retail, Finance & Banking, IT & Telecommunications. Our clients have also included a range of SMEs, charitable organisations and business start-ups.

Assignments have included international placements with multinational companies.

Our Services

We offer 3 main channels of business service delivery to clients, including:

  • Interim Managers & Consultants
  • Specialist Consultancy
  • Managed Project Teams

Our expertise

You have to know where you are before you can begin to move in the right direction. Our on-site audit begins with a total technology inventory. This may sound simplistic, but you may be surprised to discover the whole picture of who actually supplies, owns and uses the network infrastrucuture across your spectrum of users and locations

We save your business time and money by showing you the importance of understanding your own information and communications flows. Then, by demonstrating how you can invest in new ways of working, using modern technology, we help you propel your business into the future.

We use our knowledge to give you precisely and only what you need to succeed, advising you on and supplying you with the technology that is directly relevant to your specific corporate objectives.